Welcome to Rotary Northeast PETS

Inspire to Lead, Empower to achieve

Welcome to Rotary Northeast PETS (Presidents-elect Training Seminar) or NEPETS.

It is an honor and a privilege for us to welcome the 2018-2019 class of Presidents and Assistant Governors from the eight districts of NEPETS that comprises all of New England (excluding the northeast part of Maine) and part of Quebec. This is our 30th year of bringing districts together to provide 2 days of learning, sharing, networking, and just having fun. In fact this year, as we have done in the past several years, there will one extra day of programs occurring on Thursday to further enhance the NEPETS experience. This year we are truly honored to have Incoming Rotary International Director Jeff Cadorette as our keynote speaker for our Thursday night dinner. Jeff is an amazing speaker that will have you in both tears and stitches. Be prepared to be inspired!

This year the DGEs have continued the modification of the traditional NEPETS format by elevating the level of training at Presidents-elect Orientation (PEO). In doing so, many of the Rotary basics that were traditionally presented at the Friday sessions have been covered at the District PEO's allowing more time on Friday and Saturday for the Facilitators to Inspire you to Lead and Empower you to Achieve. We are continuing to have the Assistant Governor training on site at the Sheraton this year. This is a great benefit because it allows the Assistant Governors more time to network with their Presidents-elect.  We hope to have AG's and PE's mingle together as much as possible, particularly at meal times. We want to personally thank Co-Chairs Larry Vars (D7850) and Bill Tennant (D7950) for doing a fantastic job in coordinating the AG program.

In addition to learning something new and embracing the NEPETS theme, Inspire to Lead, Empower to Achieve, we hope that you will gain a better understanding of what distinguishes Rotary from other service organizations: Rotary‚Äôs unique set of core values: service, fellowship, diversity, integrity and leadership. Our Rotary Foundation is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year and we are thrilled that you are attending NEPETS during this historic time.

Being a club president is an honor and a privilege, and most Rotarians, even those who have risen to significant positions in our organization, would say this is the best job in Rotary. Thank you for sharing these few days with us and remember that the NEPETS committee is here to support and encourage your success. We have been working since last March to assure that this is a memorable, worthwhile experience and is the Best NEPETS Ever. Your District Governor, District Governor-elect, District Governor-nominee, District Governor -nominee-designee, Assistant Governor and everyone on the NEPETS committee are here for you.

Thank you for being an important part of NEPETS 2017.

On behalf of the  NEPETS Committee,

Louisa Tripp, Chair, 2018 NEPETS, District 7850
Eric Denu, Alternate Chair-elect, 2018 NEPETS, District 7780