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Brandy Sales Bio
Brandy Sales is a 4 Time International Award Winning Video Producer and Coach. He is dedicated to video production for non profit, educational and housing organizations. He provides several workshops, trainings and coaching programs for business owners who want to create video on their own. He is also very active as a mentor through his youth video programs in Massachusetts and New York.
When Brandy is not producing videos, teaching or mentoring, he is hiking, cooking or loving his Wife, Daughter and Son.
Signature Talk
The Wicked "Smart" Way to Make Videos:
A Guide to Building Your Brand & Attracting Clients and a Community
In an information packed talk you will learn Brandy;s award winning video production system, the 4 types f videos every brand needs and the 6 types of equipment you need to create videos with your smartphone. Whether you want to create professional video or make videos on your own, this talk will help you lay the foundation for the most powerful marketing tool there is, VIDEO!
A/V  needs:
- Audience over 50 I will need a microphone
- Projector and Screen
- Presentation Remote (Unless I am using my own computer)
Brandy Sales Introduction
When Brandy was 12 years old his sister brought home a video camera from college and
he was hooked. Knowing this, he took action and went to the local tv station and after 5 days he had produced his first tv show for the Town of Burlington Massachusetts. Now, a
4 time International Award Winning, Video Producer and Coach, Brandy is proud to say, he owns and operates a video business that has helped Non Profits raise well over 75 Million dollars, that has helped business owners learn how to use their smartphone to produce video for their own brand  and he has inspired  and touched well over 150 young creative children in Boston, MA and Brooklyn, NY.
Brandy is from Burlington,  Massachusetts. He has a wonderful family. He enjoys cooking, hiking and arugula salads.After being around Brandy you will understand why he is known to Showcase the Celebrity in YOU!