Tari Marshall Day 2022
Teri Marshall Day, District 7980
Rotary Cheshire, CT
Tari “T” Marshall-Day (12+ years as a Rotarian - 2 with current Club - Rotary Cheshire) BIO Brief Tari was born and raised in Palma de Mallorca, Spain – the daughter of retired Dr. C. D. Marshall-Day and Bette. Dr. Marshall-Day was months short of 70 years old when she was born and her mom in late 40’s – this gave her a healthy respect for all generation hence forward. Dr. Marshall-Day, prior to his retirement, was Foreign Service New Zealand - British Medical envoi and personal physician to the last three Viceroy’s of India and Dean of the Punjab University. After Partition he ended his career at Tufts University in Boston as Dean.

Tari was born to her father’s post career, “on the road”, lecturing around the word and they were on the move any time she was not in school. With 60 countries visited her passion is all International and claims to be a Global Citizen in a borderless world.  Tari moved to the USA in 1988, completing her undergraduate in New Jersey and her Graduate Work in Newport, RI between Salve Regina University and as a civilian at the Naval War College studying International Relations and Strategic Studies. She is a Life Member of the Naval War College Foundation and has been a sponsor for visiting international officers from over 20 countries to the Command School, the Surface Warfare Officers School and the Naval Justice School in Newport.
Her work has been in the hospitality industry working for a series of the major hotel brands and boutique hotels and now is a task force consultant in the hotel and travel industry. Tari is also a PhD Student in Global Studies and Cross Cultural Perspectives with a focus on nationalist movements around the world and in particular in Spain. Her biggest accomplishment has been “Raising a Rotarian and True Humanitarian” in her son Lex. She encouraged him to look at the world, the great, the good, the bad and the ugly with a fair, critical and analytical approach with the understanding that “humans are very much the same in their vast differences”. Her goal of taking him to 6 continents by age 18 was accomplished with the 2015 trip to Kenya on the Utange Global Grant where Lex was the first fundraiser for the fabulous D-7980 Team wide fundraising accomplishment. Now, 21, her son was the youngest Rotary Club President by age 20 and was a Major Donor to Rotary – by age 18 – under his own steam. 
“All continents are great, but I have a special fondness for the continent of Africa” says Tari, after it having been a frequent travel destination growing up. She has been to countries that “no longer exist” per se --- and is fascinated at the global interplay of the ever shifting world. A member of Rotary Cheshire, CT. a multiple Paul Harris donor, Tari is a Rotary Area/Assistant Governor in District 7980 for a second 3 year assignment. Her ultimate passion is to keep educating people about the World, its diversity and similarities across geographies and borders and contribute to
better Global understanding - one person at a time.