Thumb Drive Resource Collection
During NEPETS 2021 a physical thumb drive (USB drive) was distributed to Presidents-Elect and subsequently also published via Google Drive. This drive contains a valuable collection of Rotary resources and the NEPETS 2022 DGEs have decided to continue to maintain and update the contents of this resource collection for the benefit of all 2022-23 Presidents-Elect and Assistant Governors in our seven districts.
In addition, the following resource guide provides you with a complete directory of this resource collection together with direct links to each document contained on the thumb drive or on the Internet:

01 Membership


02 Rotary International


03 RI Brand Central

The following section is shown with a gray background color so that reverse-colored logos (white on background) are visible:

04 RI Foundation


05 RI Learning Center


06 RI Fellowships


07 RI Rotary Action Groups


08 Club, District, Zone


09 NEPETS Pre-PETS 2021

Please note that the following Powerpoint presentations were used for Pre-PETS in 2021. The DGEs for 2022-23 have decided to each do their own Pre-PETS and some may be reusing these Powerpoint slides, and others may be doing it differently.