Making the Most of NorthEast PETS

General Sessions:

Full group sessions will be held via Zoom. A complete list of your links will be sent to you after you have registered. In addition, daily links will be sent to you by 10:00 am each day of NEPETS.



Breakout sessions are topic specific. Participants will work with Presidents-elects of other clubs from the eight districts. This enables you to benefit from the experiences of others with similar challenges and successes.
To help you make contact after the breakouts, your daily email will include the names and contact information for all in your breakout session.

Making the most of your PETS:

All general sessions will begin promptly at 6:45. The meeting room will open at 6:30 to check connectivity and allow networking before the official start. Be ready to start at 6:45. Please be respectful of the other participants and keep yourself on mute during breakouts when not speaking. Make the most of your time at PETS! You will never have a better opportunity to:
  • Learn more about Rotary
  • Compare ideas
  • Network with other club Presidents-elect
  • Virtually see future, present, and past officers of Rotary International
Discussion Leaders are the backbone of PETS. They are great resources, willing and eager to share ideas. Be assertive in contacting them after your session or after PETS to ask for their suggestions or benefit from their experience. Be sure to thank them for volunteering their time at PETS. This event and its entire staff have but one goal – to help you make the most of your year as president and to improve and strengthen your Rotary Club!

Networking and Hospitality:

Meeting and establishing relationships with your counterparts are important parts of the NEPETS experience. You will get to know other fine people whose goals are identical to yours. There are opportunities built in to the NEPETS experience to help you do so.
  • For each breakout session, you will be given a list of all attendees and their contact information. Reach out and expand your connection after the session.
  • All President Elects will also be given contact information for all the attending PEs, AGs, and other leaders after PETS is over.
  • A Fun trivia night is also included

Contact your District Governor Elect:

The DGE is always available to support you and your club.  Feel free to contact her or him at any time, during PETS, after PETS or any time through the year when you need information, help and support.